Fletcher actively encourages its crews to involve themselves in all safety aspects of our operation by fostering an ‘open door’ culture where all crew members are able to freely discuss any ideas to improve safety on-board, and raise safety awareness.

Self-management enables the crews to carry out Risk Assessments, suggest improvements, order PPE as necessary, hold regular scheduled safety drills and hold monthly on-board Safety Meetings – all without the need to refer back to the Head Office except to put forward their proposals.

This is reflected in a Safe Working Environment with a focus on continuous improvement where safety is concerned.

Ship Handling

One way that Fletcher is unique is that we ensure our senior deck officers are ship-handlers. We have a Ship Handling programme that we put together with the assistance of a non-DP PSV Master. This programme guarantees a deck officer a number of hours (in varying conditions) of handling the vessel, and is not restricted to just harbour work. The deck officer works their way through the programme from the Red level up until the Master on-board considers they have reached our Green standard and be competent. At this point, we bring in another experienced Master to assess the deck officer. This removes any bias from the Master who has been training the deck officer.