Combining the DP Multi-Role Vessel and the Zodiac TT ROV provides the offshore industry with one of the most capable and cost-effective ‘one stop’ diver-less operations currently available on the market.

With the ONE VESSEL, ONE TOOL, ONE STOP operation, Fletcher Offshore can carry out seabed and sub-bottom surveys, seabed clearance, sub-bottom excavation, UXO identification and removal, cable/pipeline identification and cable repairs.

System Comprises:

  • DP vessel with 20 ft control and workshop cabins
  • Zodiac TT ROV
  • 6-Tine Grab
  • Survey Skid – SBI
  • Mass Flow Excavator
  • Clamshell Grab

Other Tools:

  • Mattress Installation Tool
  • Mattress Recovery Tool
  • Shear Grab Tool


Zodiac TT
Dimensions L x B x H (m) 2.1 x 2.1 x 1.6
Motor shaft power 2 x 75 kw Sub-Atlantic HPUs
Available hydraulic power 135 Kw
Through-frame lift capacity 15 Tonnes
Vehicle depth rating 4,000 metres
Thrusters 4 x 420 mm Sub-Atlantic
Maximum Thrust 1,000 kgf
Video Channels 6 Innova
Ethernet Channels 3+ Innova
Winch capacity 1,500 metres
Active Heave Compensation 15 T @ 4 metres Scantrol
Auto-heading Tritech
Auto-altitude using AHC Tritech
Optional survey pod integration Yes
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One Vessel – One Tool – One Stop Operation

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